Problem: Paradox of Choice

We tried to solve the problem of choice overload. Given the deluge of information available over the internet, it is really difficult for users to make the right buying decisions on high involvement products like smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc. My user study identified a 4 step buying process: Need, Discover, Compare, Buy. Users had different needs at every stage of the process.

Our aim is to simplify this process by giving the most comprehensive set of insights to our users and create a onestopshop that gives them all the information they need to discover, explore and buy products. In our vision (Product search 2.0), buysmaart acts as a single destination that guides the user throughout the entire buying process – from Need to Discover to Compare and Buy.

My Role

UX & UI Design

At Buysmaart, I was part of the founding team. We created a Buysmaart web and mobile app. I led the experience strategy and design—producing all major deliverables and presenting these to the stakeholders. I did the User Research, Competitior Analysis, Personas Creation and User stories. I defined the Information Architecture, created Low Fidelity Wireframes, UI designs and Usability Testing. And, I also took responsibility for creating marketing campaigns and social media campaigns.

To build powerful tools to help customers make better buying decisions

The Challenge

Google wasn’t a powerful enough search option when it came to product discovery. You tediously clicked through a whole bunch of links—specifications, user reviews and whatnot— to build a big picture of the product. Analyzing data to reach “the best decision” was overwhelming. I have designed easy, intuitive ways of discovering products based on user needs.


User Research & Market Research

Stepped out of the office and started talking to the people / listening to the stories about their buying behaviors. It’s crucial for this project to understand how people take buying decisions. How do they research and extract the data to find insights that trigger their decisions?

  • I already know what I want to buy
  • Just give me the best price
  • Make my buying convenient
  • Make my delivery quick Make my returns easy
  • I know what I am looking for
  • Understand my needs
  • Surface only relevant products
  • Help me choose the right product for me

Why decision making tools are needed?

Consumer products are close in specification and high in information overload.

Research duration before buying Mobile Phones

Research duration before buying Laptops

Research duration before buying Home appliances

Personas, User Stories & Wireframes

Competitor Analysis

  NDTV Gadgets 91 Mobiles My SmartPrice
Product Categories Mobile Phones Mobile Phones Mobile Phones
Tablets Laptop Computers
Gaming Tablets TV/Entertainment
Cameras Televisions Personal Care
PC/Laptops Cameras Appliances
Revenue & Tie ups Exclusive Mobile Launch Mobile Advertisements General ads
Mobile Advertisers Retailers : Shopclues, amazon, Flipkart Lists all the stores possible
Own Shopping Platform    
Product Features News Expert Pick Comparison
Blog News & Reviews Special Offers
Forum Mobile Finder Price Drop Alerts
Shop Sell You Phone Retailer Finder
Reviews Nearby Dealer Locator Loyalty Rewards

Design Solutions & Key Differentiators

Specification Score

Numerical indicator of product quality, based on technical specifications of a product

Sentiment Score

Numerical indicator of product quality, based on reviews about a product

Buysmaart Score

Comprehensive Numerical indicator of product quality, based on both, technical specifications & user reviews

Personalized Overall Score

Scoring weights - adjusted according to personal preferences for aspects


Visualization that conveys what people are saying about this phone.


Visualization that enables users to trade-off between features that matter most to them

Product Designs