What a Movie!

The Challenge

Design a mobile application that updates fans on the latest movie news, red carpet events, celeb gossip and upcoming flicks for the film world in every (Indian) region.

My Role

UX & UI Design

I designed the “What a Movie” Android Application. I conducted extensive user research prior to designing. This was through one-on-one interviews with a number of movie bloggers, fans and regular movie audiences. This led to some great insights that I was able to constructively convert into unique features.

  • The Mobile app features movies, reviews, box office collections, trailers, audio releases, gossip.
  • It has a database of movie star profiles, photo galleries and latest news.
  • The app is available for all the languages in India. Users can select their languages to get the updates on movies.
  • Contextual enquiries and card sorting are real fun in this project.
  • The colour palette I’ve used for this design is one of my personal favorites. Every language has a different color interface.
  • App displays aggregate ratings of top bloggers and other movie related websites.
  • Users also have the option to rate movies.
  • Become a reviewer. They can also become reviewers and make comments on other reviews.

Personas, User Stories & Wireframes

Hi-fidelity & Wireframes

What a Movie - Wireframes

Product Designs


Reached 50000 installs within one year of launch. 4.5 star ratings with awesome reviews made me feel happy.